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Growing up, the only thing that kept me focused and safe from bullying and questioning my own worth and potential was family, dance and ceremony. Fast forward 30 years and that hasn't changed. I still wake up every morning grateful to be alive, aching to get moving... to keep dancing. I have made so many of my childhood dreams come true. I believe that we all have the potential to do that; to make anything in our wildest dreams come true. So I'm forever committed to continuing to motivate and inspire young people to spread their wings. To dream, but most importantly to believe. Together we rise. Rise for equality. Rise to win. Rise to overcome. Rise for injustice. RISE. For the seven generations yet to come. . . Check out the Nike N7 Equality Collection, available now. Che-Meegwiitch to Nike N7 for continuing to support our youth - so they are able to follow their dreams and reach their full potential through sport. . . @smccra @izzy.yasana @taboo @martinsensmeier @thosh.collins @sunroadwoman @jschimmel22 @bronsonkoenig @jacobyellsbury @notahb3 #NikeN7 #DareToRise #Equality

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